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“Daisy is an international, multicultural, English speaking daycare”

About us

Daycare Daisy is an international, multicultural, English speaking daycare. 

Here at Daycare Daisy we offer your child a safe and positive environment for learning. We offer quality childcare with daily routines mixed with a spontaneous and unhurried atmosphere.


We follow the new early education plan and preschool plan of Turku city. We observe children's play to find out their interests so that we can connect those to our teaching. This makes learning interesting for the children. We pick up most of the themes from their interests.

Our daycare follows the educational plan of the city of Turku: 

Starting out


When a child starts here with no English language skills, we start by demonstrating with pictures and sounds and we read stories and sing songs. We gently encourage the children to use English. Parents evenings, meetings with parents and daily meetings are our way to co-operate with parents. Some of our employees speak only English, so that's our working language also with parents.  


It is important that the child can speak his/her own mother tongue before he/she starts learning a foreign language. That is the reason, why we take children from 3 years and up to Daycare Daisy.


Our curriculum follows the regulations and laws of daycare and preschool. We offer a free English preschool education provided by the city of Turku.

Our day:We are open from Monday to Friday 7:00am to 5pm. We are closed during all Finnish national holidays and some extra days at Christmas time. 


7.00 » We open the doors

8.00 » Breakfast 

9.00 » Morning circles and activities

10.00 » Playing outside

11.30 » Lunch

12.00 » Story time and nap time. Activities and playing before snack time

14.00 » Snack

15.00 » Going outside

17.00 » Closing

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