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Bumblebee's Week

Week 2 and 3 - Welcome to a new year and the start of our new blog. We welcomed the children back with our English language week. The children have been making and creating their own letters in the shape of a character (eg: U for Unicorn). They have developed their understanding of the letters and their phonics sounds through sing a longs and letter games. We are really happy with their progress and seeing them enjoying what they are learning.

The children have shown a great interest in the new 'Pet Shop' toys this term and have chosen them as week 3's theme. They have enjoyed creating their own 'Pet Shop' homes for our pet shop world and relating them to the letters and their sounds (eg: C is for cat).

We have talked about animal care and what having a pet means. We have also looked at 'Dot to Dot Math's' problems, numbers 1-20, and created our own pet shop creatures.

Next week will be all about boats ))

Week 4 - 7, Over the past few weeks we have been listening to the children's ideas and have built our theme around them. In week 4 and 5 we jumped into a world of boats. The kids really enjoyed visiting Forum Marinum, the boat museum, and taking a trip through time by exploring all the different ships.

By counting and categorizing the different kinds of boats we were able to have fun with our maths activities and build on the children's sorting skills. Throughout these weeks the children have continued to play our phonic games and join in with singing the sounds of the letters. They have started to recognize what letters words start with and are all becoming more interested in remembering the important vowel sounds.

Week 5 was also a time to discuss healthy living and the children were able to build their own healthy plate with the 5 staples: Grains, vegetables, proteins, fruits and dairy. We all hope this helps them grow into healthy, young sprouts. ))

By week 7 we will be starting three letter words with 'a'. The children are progressing steadily and we are all really happy with their progress.

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