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Lilies Week


After the holidays we got quickly back to our everyday routines as all the kids were back again J During the Christmas holiday we were able to go on lovely trips to Luostarinmäki to have a look at the houses and how people lived many hundred years ago, as well as to Skanssi and to the central library.

In January we have been waiting for snow to be able to go sledging and make snow men, of course, that’s always the kid’s favourite. During January and February we have also been dancing (which the kids love) and learning some balancing skills as well as dot to dot tasks and how to write our own name. We have also welcomed two new children to our group.

There was a question from one of the parents, ‘what is the “morning circle”?’ Kids have talked about this at home so I thought of explaining that in our blog? J It’s one of our morning routines that we start the morning with. We sit in a circle and we go through what day it is, what sort of a weather we have outside and how are we feeling today as well as what is going to happen during the day. It’s a nice way of starting the morning and we all can wake up to the day, together. J

We hope to keep the snow on the ground for a long time now so that we can enjoy the winter activities to the fullest!

- Jenni

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