Daycare Fees

In 2010, the City of Turku has introduced a service voucher for children's daycare. An application for a service voucher is made to the City of Turku and it is income-related, that is, the amount of the payment to parents is determined by the income of the family.

The application is made electronically here: 

The application for a service voucher needs to be applied for 4 months before the daycare begins.

The value of the service voucher depends on parents income.

An example of a full-time daycare fee for parents (Turku families):

- Children over 3v = 861 e / month

of which the parents' share is 35-325 e / month depending on the income

 - Full-time extended daycare (27,5hours)+ pre-primary education = 446e / month, of which parents' share depending on income is 0-188,50e / month

Holiday-time charges

During the holiday season a full daycare fee will be paid, except for summer holidays (June-August), if the child is away for a full month, then only half of the month is paid for. Or if the child is away for 2 months, then the payment will be only for 1 month.

Daycare Daisy is closed on July. so If necessary, a summer daycare center is located in Karusellimaa, a Finnish kindergarten in Nättinummi.

Termination of the daycare agreement

* The Daycare agreement should be terminated one calendar month before the end of leaving the daycare. Termination is made in writing to the daycare center.