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You can apply for a place in Daisy and a service voucher for private daycare with the Turku city's daycare application form (online at > Daycare and Education > Day Care and Early Childhood Education > Day Care and Preschool Enrolment). You should do this at least four months before the need for a daycare place for your child. If you need a daycare place for your child because of a sudden employment, training or studies, you should apply at least two weeks before the need for the daycare place.


Before submitting an application, please think of three alternative daycare centers for your child. This is because Daycare Daisy can't guarantee a place for every applicant. In this kind of situation the Turku Service Guidance will help you find another place for your child.


You can call the Turku Early Childhood Education Service Guidance (daycare services for new clients in Turku) if you have any problems with applying, or for more information on how to apply for a service voucher.

p: +3582 262 5610  

Termination of the agreement


A daycare place agreement needs to be terminated at least one month beforehand the preferred time. This should be done by contacting Daisy directly.

How to apply

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